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Second activity of Labreco is to provide legal services to any kind of businesses and companies.

Every business act has legal effects, which affect the business and institutes rights and obligations. To ensure that the company will not have legal shortcomings and problems, but will be strong, confident and secured, it would take an entire legal department within the company to study every act and every contract the company signs. This, however, costs a lot for the company and can’t be managed easily.

Labreco, due to its close partnership with Lagopoulou - Malamidis and Associates Law Firm, is able to provide full legal support coverage for every corporation or business, initiating "Legal Consulting for Businesses" program. With 28 years of experience and the most highly trained executives, this program provides solutions for any business matter, creating legal service packages for every business and every entrepreneur. We are available 24 hours a day, to confront any personal or corporate issue, so whatever occurs, both business and personal identity remain healthy. At a very low monthly cost, you have a qualified solicitor stood by for any matter that might come up, for interpretation - translation of any document and legal control, services that otherwise would take great amounts of time and money.

With huge success rates and continuous presence in the Greek courts, Labreco’s Partners specialize in: 

  • Commercial- Economic Law Cases.
  • Establishment of companies, corporations, amendments and statutes.
  • Establishment Company abroad
  • Criminal Law cases.
  • Municipal Issues, contracts, bills and hereditary
  • Real estate law cases
  • Mediation, and contracts