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Greece is a country at a privileged location with wealthy and spectacular civilization and incomparable cultural and natural legacy, with a mild climate and sunshine throughout the year. It is one of the most modern and safe European economies, which now provides an attractive plan for foreign investors for the development and support of profitable businesses and also provides the market with great offers for those who decide to spend their money in the country.

Greece is listed between the 10 best worldwide destinations, with an increasing number of people visiting the country each year, making it the most developing tourism industry, with great growth potential. The great infrastructure, the easy access and the unique morphology of the land create a very attractive field for high rated tourism investments.

Also, the solar, aeolic and geothermal energy work force, is making Greece a very capable energy producing country, based on renewable energy sources. Greece has the infrastructure and the land capacity for photovoltaic and aeolic parks and also geothermal constructions of both high and low temperatures, which combined with the deregulation of the production and transfer of the energy in Europe, create a tempting field for highly profitable green energy investments.

Investing in recession
Some of the investors may gain from the depreciation of the markets from short selling shares, bonds even commercial properties. Basically, an investor expects to sell and buy at lower cost due to the depreciation. The problem is that this technique may end up being unsafe and should be followed by experienced investors.
Another group of investors uses recession as a period of buying values at low cost. It is a strategy that is applied in stocks, businesses and Real Estate. Knowing that the recession will end at some point, they use their cash liquidity to buy cheap and wait. The problem is that at some point there may happen liquidity problems.
There is also another kind of investor, the one who rely on time and know how to wait. Fan of long-term investment who buys on long-term horizon. At the period of the recession he adapts the investment portfolio, dispersing and controlling the risk and lowering the average cost of possession.
Of course for each and every one of us fits a different strategy. Some of us don’t have the capability to wait for a long time. Meanwhile, many investors don’t have the stomach to keep up with the dangerous techniques of short selling for example. Well, the key is to understand the situation and decide which investment style fits your criteria. For example, if you plan to retire from business, a long-term approach is definitely not for you. So, instead of being a puppet of the debit-financial system, it is more wise to alternate your economy dynamics to something more stable and controllable, such as stocks, bonds, properties etc.

Business Plan Development. What Labreco does for you:
-Assists for the valuation of the viability of your business idea in certain circumstances.
-Provides to the businessman the opportunity to plan better the functional structure of the activity..
-Organizes the financing of the business, bottom to top, from start-ups and crowd-funding to investment banking and side-merging.
-Values the possible risks and plans alternative strategies for every scenario, which are proposed for the accomplishment of the targets of the business plan.
-Arranges all the side legal and accounting issues, avoiding bureaucracy, from day 1 of the business plan formation.
It is commonly acceptable that innovation may lead to the increase of the productivity. The acquisition of a competitive advantage, through innovation, helps an enterprise keep up with the constant rearrangement of the market.
The need for innovative ideas is more essential for smaller operations, because of the more fragile business plan they are usually based on. On the contrary, a large operation, because of the size and its function, is more difficult to adjust an innovative idea on the production program.
Innovative entrepreneurship gains grounds every day, because it is the only way to set up successfully a small business on these fierce days. The innovative idea is a result of creative thoughts, capable of becoming a reality, based on the operation of the business activity. This philosophy provides great competitive advantage, and is highly dependable from the setting of the business activity and the socio-economic conditions occurred.