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The current offer: Cherry, Peach, Nectarine, Apricot. District of Pella, Greece.

This special offer includes top quality, fresh fruits, grown on the Greek Fields of central Macedonia, certificated throughout the production process by top rated agronomists, following the authorized products for fertilization and the proper raising techniques. These fertile grounds combined with the temperate climate and the traditional art of the Greek agriculture, provide harvests with great flavor and taste, unique throughout Mediterranean

Now, these flavors travel throughout the world presently to the consumer, without the surcharges and the booking fees of common trade, because Labreco introduces the farmer to the large, organized market and both, buyer and seller, save funds from direct commercial connections.
This specific way of commerce has multiple benefits because:
-the seller delivers more for a better price.
-the buyer gets the best of the crop, as his demand guides the harvest, at the best price because the products are brokerage free.
-the procedures happen really fast, as no third parties are involved.
-there are always fresh products to be delivered, because of our 200 contact network all over Greece.
-all the procedures and transactions are legally secured for both sides, based on the terms and conditions agreed with Labreco’s legal department.
-there is constant and reliable communication between all the parties because of our associate network throughout Europe, always at your service to deal with all the matters that may occur.

The products:
At this specific offer, we present to you some indicative goods. For any inquiry on olive oil, dairy products, fresh of processed Greek foods, we are at your service. These prices pertain to products per kilogram ready to be shipped from Pella district on cases or boxes

 Cherry  2.30 euro
 Peach   0.75 euro
 Nectarine  0.80 euro
Apricot 1.40 euro
Peach for Canning  0.45 euro

There is also available: lotus, kiwi, apple, pear, plum. For any other inquiry, we are at your service.

The shipping of the goods happens with the care of the buyer, either with his own means or with a Greek transporting company. Labreco provides the possibility to arrange the transportation of the goods, with some extra cost.
Pricing: The fee to Labreco includes a percentage cut, calculated by the total amount of the transaction, from both buyer and seller, paid and invoiced after the successful cooperation.

The company:
Labreco Private Company (est 2015) is a Greek privately funded company, with presence on real estate, financial, and commercial activities all over Greece and abroad. The good infrastructures, the legal expertise, and the large association network provide credibility, liability, and trust to our customers. Also, the wide involvement in many business activities forms a warranty of great services and results, something that every operation needs to survive in and out of the country.

Commercial Department:
The company, besides the other departments, is involved with commercial transactions, organizing for the customers the complete route of the trading timeline, always with the consulting opinion of the legal department, which reassures credibility, security and reliability.
For further information, a Labreco associate is always at your service.

Labreco IKE , Ilia Iliou 48 , Athens, www.labreco.gr
Associate telephone: +30 6942 492043
Associate Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.