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The home of your dreams is in our portfolio and we will find it together.

In Labreco, apart from ordinary residences, you will find a great amount of VIP Real Estate properties as well as large luxury houses, villas, residential complexes and buildings for commercial use, industrial areas and privileged shops. Take advantage of the opportunities and price drops and buy premium properties at prices up to 50% below their objective values.

Make an appointment, explain to us what you are you looking for, and your personal consultant will find the right property, promptly. Due to our partnership network, we have all the information of large real estate offers and our legal department completes the procedures quickly and in a secure way.

In Attica, in magnificent Halkidiki and on Greek islands, best VIP properties are in Labreco’s lists, waiting to be discovered.


Full Properties list HERE

Νέα Πλατφόρμα Πώλησης Ξενοδοχείων

Greece attracts a great deal of investment activities in Tourism. Each year more than 20m people are visiting the sunny Greece contributing more than 15 billion to the national economy. Projections for the future are even better and expect 15-20 % increase in the number of tourists and 10-15% increase in national income.

Labreco founded the largest hotel marketplace , the labrecohotelest.com , giving the opportunity for organized business involvement in the tourism industry . Step by step and always with the guidance of expert advisors start a new activity or enter, by purchasing shares, in an existing one. Invest in a Greek Hotel Business and make profit from Greek Tourism.Learn more


Για να μας αναθέσετε την πώληση του Ξενοδοχείου σας επικοινωνήστε τώρα στο +30 211 1099900