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Labreco is a private company launched in February 2015, based on private financial resources, aiming to provide to customers comprehensive, prompt and effective support to operational problems, as well as high-level real estate services, because, for us, the beginning of all activities starts from a property or relates to a property.

Our people tried to pay special attention to the design and development of appropriate and suitable services for domestic enterprises, in order to connect our customers, and their businesses, with financial networks around the world, thus opening new perspectives for their development.

For this purpose, Labreco spent significant financial resources, hired the most knowledgeable employees, developed specific software exclusively for the firm, and achieved a set of strong partnerships across a network of 10 countries, which is constantly being increased. Already within a very short time period, Labreco holds an important client list, and is one of the most emerging consulting and managing services firms, to businesses and individuals in Greece.

The most important element is the ability to find solutions in any problem of your business or household. The experience of each of us, individually in our expertise, makes us direct and effective in any difficulty may appear.

  • The Labreco is the most sophisticated brokerage company in Greece at the moment, with a portfolio of 6000 properties, the most advanced real estate software...
  • Every business act has legal effects which affect the business and institutes rights and obligations. To ensure that the company will not have legal shortcomings...
  • The combination of our extensive experience and the high level of training creates a competitive advantage over the competition and  a safe environment for your capital and your investments... 
  • The most important investment in your business is to find ways of developing and ensuring lasting partnerships which will save you money, time and unnecessary searches...